The cellar

Amastuola Cellar:
all the taste of good Apulian organic wine

Keeping tradition alive while constantly experimenting with new techniques, in our vineyard we produce organic wines in Apulia. Organic harvesting and production allow us to preserve in our wines all the natural characteristics given by the earth, the climate and the sun that illuminates the region day by day.

While maintaining a strictly artisanal processing technique, we always pay due attention to technological advances in our sector, opening ourselves to research and continuously experimenting in order to give Apulian organic wine a unique and authentic flavour.

How Amastuola organic wines are born

There is another aspect that characterizes our organic wines produced in Apulia. We like to define ourselves as wine artisans, because our vines and wines are born, grow and are bottled completely in our cellars. We rely enormously on this aspect, so much so that it is mentioned on all our wine labels. In the Amastuola vineyard, we produce wines combining tradition and innovation. In our wines, we preserve all the best natural characteristics given by the earth, the climate and the sun of the Mediterranean, but with the awareness that today producing wine is a technologically advanced activity, which must be open to experimentation and research. Knowing all the characteristics of grapes, must and wine at their different stages is essential to obtain the best product.

prizes and awards

Amastuola’s is a responsible and sustainable production. We work in full respect for the environment, the territory and people, both those who work in our vineyard and those who consume our wine. Consumers are now more and more attentive to product quality and genuineness. Organic farming is the starting point for our production philosophy, which is based on a mix between modernity and tradition.