100% Chardonnay


Straw yellow with golden reflections, thin perlage and persistent. Aroma Floral, with scents of acacia, jasmine and lime wood. Fruity, yellow pulp fruits, fragrant with yeast scents and bread crusts, honey as well as notes of patisserie. The taste is fresh, sapid, mineral and smooth, very pleasant on the palate because endowed with a balanced acidity and finally persistent.


100% Chardonnay

Indicazione Geografica Protetta (Protected Geographical Indication, PGI) – Apulia

Organic – Yield 90 ql/ha

Wine-making method:
Use of the Classic Method; the first phase of the process consists in the assembly of the base wines thus obtaining the definitive cuvée. With the addition of liqueur de tirage, fermentation begins. The wine is poured into traditional champagnottes sealed with a crown cap and bidule. During this period the second fermentation takes place. The refermentation in the bottle takes place at 14 ° C for a duration of 60 days while the stay on the lees is at least 12 months. During this phase, the remuage takes place. During the dègorgement, the liquer de expèdition is added.

Alcohol content: